Dear Families

We are a happy school, working in an atmosphere of respect and trust, where each child feels secure and cared for and has a sense of belonging. We celebrate achievement and support children in achieving their very best. We believe that children come first and this underpins all that we do. During their time at Fleecefield children will be introduced to a wide variety of learning experiences. We take pride in our diverse community and value each child as an individual and work with families to foster caring attitudes, thoughtfulness, mutual respect, self-discipline and self confidence.

At Fleecefield families share in their child’s learning and successes. We believe that working together in a strong partnership is the best way to ensure your child’s success. We expect our children to grow into successful young people who make a positive contribution to their school and the wider community. At Fleecefield we are passionate about learning and believe in everyone being a life- long learner; we hold a wide range of opportunities for families to learn about their child’s education and also provide opportunities for them to be learners. We look forward to working with you and celebrating the achievements of your child with you as they move through the school.

Yours sincerely

Ms A Goldwater


Winners of the Rotary Club dictionary prize for most progress in English

Latest News

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8th June : Class Photos

11th -15th June : Challenge yourself week

11th  June :  Year 5 Class out on a trip

12th June : Brown Class out on a trip

13th June :Year 1 out on a trip

14th June : Purple Class out on a trip

Year 6 Movie Night 17:30-19:30

18th June : Turkish Club end of year celebration

20th June : Borough Athletics-NO AFTER SCHOOL CLUB 

21th June : Mr May out-NO AFTER SCHOOL CLUB 

21th June : 18:00 onwards          Cultural Events

25th June : GLEE Finals at the Hackney Empire

26th June: EYFS  Year1 & Year2 Sports day

29th June : Nursery Trip to Walton
                     Park Event at Craig Park with Mr May
                     Year 6 Picnic

2nd July : Year 6 out on a trip

6th July : Secondary Transfer Taster Day

18th July : Year 5 & 6 disco

19th July 14:15 : Year 6 Leavers concert

20th July : Year 6 Water fight








Year 6 Leaver’s Pop Video 2017