At Fleecefield Primary School parents/carers are encouraged to come into school and share in their child’s learning and successes. If there are difficulties or problems we believe that working together in a strong partnership is the best way to resolve any issues.

At Fleecefield Primary School we believe in a learning community; we hold a wide range of opportunities for parents / carers to learn about their child’s education but also provide times for them to be learners. We look forward to celebrating the achievements of your child with you as they move through the school.


image-074Partnership With Parents

We believe that children achieve best when parents and staff work together in partnership to support learning. We strongly encourage parents to be part of their child’s education. Attending parents’ consultations, helping in school, attending information sessions and a wide range of other organised activities help parents understand the work of the school and how their child can make the most of their time with us.

We provide opportunities for parents to receive training. As a result we have parents trained to talk to other parents and children about healthy living and dental care. We have workshops where parents find out about how and what their children learn and how they can provide support at home. We also have classes for parents to learn English. We hold  Parent Surgeries where parents are given information about the school and can raise issues. Interpreters are provided at some sessions. We are always looking for new ways to work with parents and welcome any suggestions.


Before children start in the Nursery or Reception at the beginning of the school year, parents are invited to attend an induction meeting where they meet the staff who will be teaching and caring for the children. The children are invited on a pre-school visit with their parents. The school also organises home visits before children start in the school so that the child gets to know school staff in a familiar setting. This is an opportunity for parents to share information about the child so that we can get the learning experience right for the child from the start of their time at Fleecefield.



Dance Festival

The Dance Club children, representing Fleecefield School, performed at the Enfield Dance Festival on the 29th of March at the Millfield Theatre.   They were one of many schools from around the Borough of Enfield.  The children performed a scientific theme known as “The Greatest”.   This routine was about dance inventions in the 1980s when the new style of “street dance” was invented.

The children, wearing amazing costumes, gave a fantastic performance and were each presented with a certificate of achievement.  Cydney, the dance instructor, was extremely proud of all of them. The children worked very hard and showed commitment and dedication throughout the year.


We are very proud of our SEND children who attended The Inclusive Sports Festival  on Tuesday 4th July ‘17 at the Edmonton Sports Club. They had a wonderful time participating in some challenging and fun activities such as Trigolf, Bowling, Bowls, Parachute pop corn, Obstacle course and Football.

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