At Fleecefield Attendance and Punctuality play an important part in our children’s learning as we passionately believe that we are all responsible in giving our children the best possible start in life and ensure that each day in school has a great impact on their learning and progression to prepare them for their future.

The Assistant Headteacher is the lead for attendance and works closely with the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) to monitor Attendance and Punctuality. If attendance drops below 95% the parents will be invited in to see the Education Welfare Officer and the Assistant Headteacher. We have high expectations for our children and we expect our parents to support us in co-operating fully to encourage regular attendance.

At Fleecefield we regularly celebrate good attendance through various reward systems, which relate to individual children or to classes as a whole. At the end of each term children are rewarded for ‘98% and above’, attendance and public recognition is made for all those achieving 100% attendance. Children are also rewarded for good punctuality. At the end of the academic year children achieving100% attendance for the year are similarly rewarded with a certificate and vouchers. The class with the highest attendance is awarded a certificate at the beginning of each week, the end of each term and at the end of the academic year.

At the beginning of each day doors are opened at 8.55am so that children and parents are encouraged to arrive early and be ready to learn. We always encourage our children to adopt good habits at Fleecefield and attending punctually is vital. If your child arrives late it disrupts the rest of the class, they will miss important teaching and learning time and cause them upset and embarrassment. When children arrive late, their names are recorded in the late book, if the problem persists parents are invited in to discuss the situation with the Education Welfare Officer and the Assistant Headteacher. If your child is late please do not keep them at home, we are always available to discuss any issues. At the end of the day children should be collected at 3.15.

Important School Procedures

  •  Please contact the school if you have changed your contact numbers at work or at home so that we are able to contact you immediately during an emergency.
  •  Let us know if your circumstances have changed, we have a wealth of experience in the school that can offer support and guidance.
  • If your child is unwell, please let the school know as soon as possible. If they are unwell for a long period of time please provide medical evidence.
  • If you are unable to collect your child yourself, please telephone the school to give permission for someone else to collect your child on your behalf.
  • Please avoid any medical or other appointments during school time, where this is unavoidable please seek authorisation from the Assistant Headteacher.
  • Please avoid taking leave and holidays during term time, where this is unavoidable you need to seek authorisation in advance from the Assistant Headteacher prior to travel. Permission may be authorised, in exceptional circumstances, at the Headteacher’s discretion.