Year Group Curriculum

In this section you can see what our children will be up to during each school term.


We follow a rigorous phonics programme, called Read, Write Inc. This is taught from Reception to year 2. The children are assessed and grouped according to their ability. This enables teaching to be focused to meet their needs very specifically. Through pupil tracking, phonics catch up also takes place in years 3 and 4 to support those children who still need focused phonics teaching. Towards the end of their time in Nursery, all children are exposed to the phonics programme, looking at the initial sounds.


We use the Oxford Reading Scheme to teach reading and the children progress through the stages as their skills improve.

After children have mastered phonics they are taught comprehension and inference through whole class lessons. This prepares them for deeper understanding of texts and equips them to reach the expected standard at the end of each Key Stage.

The class libraries also have a wide range of carefully selected non-scheme reading books in a variety of genres that allows the children to broaden and deepen their reading experiences.

All children are given a book bag and a Reading Record Book. The expectation is that every child will do at least 10 minutes reading with a member of their family (e.g. parent, auntie, sibling, carer) at home every day and this is recorded daily in their record book. This homework is monitored closely, as research shows that daily reading greatly improves the children’s progress.


The content of the curriculum that we follow in each academic year for every subject can be found under the Statutory Documents tab or Click here.