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What is phonics?

Phonics is simply the system of relationships between letters and sounds in a language. When your child learns that the letter A has the sound of ‘a’ or your older child learns that “tion” sounds like ‘shun’, they are learning phonics.

At Fleecefield Primary School we use the ‘Read Write Inc.’ phonic programme.


Why is phonics important?

Learning phonics will help your child learn to read and spell. Written language can be compared to a code, so knowing the sounds of letters and letter combinations will help your child decode words as they read. Knowing phonics will also help your child know which letters to use as they write words.

Play the below video for information on phonics and how to practice the sounds with your children.

Phonics at Fleecefield

At Fleecefield, we are passionate about reading and share the ethos of ‘every child a reader’. As a school, reading is one of our highest priorities. Reading is the foundation of all learning and one of the most important skills a child will learn during their early years of development. This skill will not only improve your child’s future prospects but will also allow them to be lifelong, independent learners. This is the expectation of all of our children on their educational journey at Fleecefield.

We use the Read Write Inc. phonics programme to teach our children to read. Teaching starts in Nursery and continues into Key Stage 1. Read Write inc. is a systematic way of teaching phonics. Your child is assessed every 6-8 weeks to ensure they make rapid progress and some children receive one-to-one to tuition.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader!



In Early Years and Key Stage 1 we use the Read Write Inc scheme to assist in the teaching of phonics. Have a look on for more information.


Click here to read correspondence explaining how the Read Write Inc scheme works. 

Click here to see frequently asked questions and answers that might help your understanding.

Below you will also see links to videos that will help you better understand Read Write Inc.

Set 1 Stretchy Sounds 

Set 1 Bouncy Sounds

Importance of Reading

Teaching Spelling

Diagraphs - two letters one sound

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