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French at Fleecefield

At Fleecefield, French begins in Year 3, where the children learn basic vocabulary and have fun through rhymes, songs, dance and movement. Children are encouraged to understand and speak to each other in French, increasing their confidence and development of the language.  The children are encouraged to use any other languages they already speak to demonstrate and teach the rest of the class. The children learn to say numbers, colours and short phrases about themselves.  French songs are sung in class and our special French day assembly.

In upper Key Stage 2 the children continue learning by increasing their vocabulary through practical and fun classwork, having simple conversations and to ask questions.  Pupils begin to look at how the language is written, start to read and understand phrases through stories songs and poems.  By the end of Year 6 children begin to write phrases from memory and to understand basic grammar and to look at verb formation.

Pupils in Year 3 are developing links with a primary school in France this year.

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