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History Curriculum at Fleecefield










At Fleecefield children learn about history by focusing on the key historical concepts of chronology, significant individuals, cause and consequence, settlements and artefacts. Children are encouraged to be curious about the past and the world.

In KS1 children learn about significant individuals such as Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. They learn about the past by looking at artefacts such as toys from long ago.

In KS2 children learn about civilisations and their legacy such as the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt. Children build on their KS1 knowledge by remembering we learn from artefacts and that certain individuals changed the course of history. Children map historical events on a timeline and revisit previous knowledge at the beginning of each new topic.

Vocabulary enrichment runs through our whole curriculum and history lessons provide an excellent opportunity to develop vocabulary that can be used in many other subject areas.

The children undertake visits to enhance their historical knowledge for example Year 3 visited Epping Forest to join a  Stone Age Workshop and Reception classes explored the Transport Museum.

To view our History Curriculum Overview, Please click here 


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