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Maths Curriculum at Fleecefield






















At Fleecefield we follow the White Rose mastery-based curriculum across the school, from reception classes to year 6,  to ensure all objectives are covered in line with the National Curriculum.

The Nursery children are introduced to counting and number as soon as they start following the Development Matters curriculum.

In our teaching, we follow a Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract method to allow children to fully understand the new concepts being taught. The use of physical manipulatives and visual representations deepens children’s understanding by enabling them to see the maths and move concrete materials around. In line with this, children always have access to resources in maths lessons. In Key Stage 1, children are exposed to a huge variety of carefully selected resources with an emphasis on numicon, dienes and tens frames as well as solid and flat shapes. Later on, resources and visuals are used to demonstrate and embed written methods in a way that helps children to give meaning to and understand different processes.
























Problem solving is a feature of every maths lesson and children are given lots of opportunities to reason, discuss and explain their thinking, using correct mathematical language and full sentences.

Times Tables:

Effective understanding and recall of times tables is the foundation of much of the mathematics children will do. Teachers teach times tables in class and enthuse the children in the learning of these crucial facts. The whole school has access to Times Tables Rock Stars and children in Key stage 2 compete against each other.                                                            



Home Learning:

Homework is set using Google Classroom; the children are able to submit their work online, ask for additional help from their teacher or even their peers and access videos and additional resources to help with completing their homework.

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