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At Fleecefield, we currently employ an external company to deliver our music curriculum. Children from Early Years Foundation Stage to year 6 access the music curriculum based on the National Curriculum. 


The curriculum has been developed from the following objectives:


  • For children to develop a love of music and  learn why music is important

  • To become familiar with the names and sounds of all basic percussion instruments as well as other musical terms

  • To sing and use their voices on their own and with others

  • For children to develop their creative thinking skills and improve their motor skills

  • To encourage children to become active listeners

  • To demonstrate that there are rewards from dedication and practice

  • To encourage children to learn about the music of other cultures and to listen with discernment to the best of a range of musical genre

  • To develop confidence and listening skills

  • For children to explore emotions through music, helping them develop their ‘emotional literacy’

  • To raise attainment in and enthusiasm for  music lessons

  • To make children aware of the importance of teamwork when making music

  • To make music fun!


Click here for the Music KS1 Subject Pack

Click here for the Music KS2 Subject Pack


We provide additional enrichment opportunities through clubs including: Djembe drumming, choirs, singing and percussion, recorders, ukulele


Enfield Music Service supports us by providing peripatetic teachers to teach instruments to small groups of children and individuals. They also fund musical experiences to develop children’s music capital.

To view our Music Curriculum Overview,  Please click here 

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