boyMy name is Mrs Fletcher and I am the Welfare Officer at our school.

If children have any medical issues then parents come to see me.

I am here to help parents and the children.

There are a number of First aiders in our school who are trained to administer First aid to our children as well as myself. Any serious scenarios are dealt with or supervised by me.

We can administer certain children’s medications in our school if requested, however there is a procedure of filling out a form and answering some questions beforehand.

The Welfare of our children is very important to us at Fleecefield Primary School and we work with other NHS professionals on a regular basis. The school nurse visits regularly to help with the children’s needs. The children have medical checks e.g. hearing tests and dentist visits during their time in school that are organized by the NHS. Parents receive a letter before these checks take place.

If you would like more information about Welfare in our school please do come in or phone the school. I will be happy to talk to you.