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Here at Fleecefield, we provide all students from Reception to Year 6 with a minimum of 2 hours of curricular activities per week. With 30 minutes of physical activity per day alongside with extracurricular activities available to Year 3 to Year 6 each term. 

The PE national curriculum helps ensures all students:

  • ​​Learn and develop a wide variety of physical activities. 

  • Remain and maintain physically active for a sustained period of time.

  • Are provided with after school extra-curriculum activities

  • Lead active and healthy lives. 


Key Stage 1

Here at Fleecefield, our key stage 1 children are taught basic fundamental movements such as: running, jumping along with throwing and catching. This enables children to become more confident as they continue to grow and access a wide range of movements such as: agility, balance and co-ordination. With all these movements children will then find it easier to apply these in a variety of different activities by participating in team games. 


Key Stage 2

Moving on to key stage 2, here at Fleecefield we aim to improve children in different physical activities and sports. We do this so  children learn and develop a wide range of skills. Competitions starts to take place more frequently along with the understanding and importance of positive communication. As they continue to grow into their bodies, children also learn how to evaluate and recognize their own success and areas for development. Children continue to use fundamental movements but are now introduced to play competitive team games such as: basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rounders, tag rugby and tennis. In addition children also learn how to develop their balance, control, flexibility, and strength through physical activities such as: athletics, dance, gymnastics and swimming.

After School Clubs

Here at Fleecefield these are the extra-curricular sporting activities that are be provided throughout the year:

  • Athletics Club

  • Basketball Club

  • Boccia Club (SEN)

  • Dance Club

  • Dodge-ball Club

  • Football Club

  • Gymnastics Club

  • Multi Skills Club

  • Netball Club

  • Tennis Club


Please click here to view  Sports Day 2022 Results

Sports Personality of the Week 

Previous Year winners 2021-22

Previous Weeks winners

This week's Sports Personality of the week is ..... Eric (Orange)



Eric has had a great engaging sporting week. On Monday, Eric along with Orange class continued with their gymnastics lessons but this week Year 2 were learning different ways of rolling using their body. Mr. Samuel was very impressed with all of Eric's rolls and his ability to work safely with his partner. Eric has also signed up for Key stage 1 multi skills club & this past week the children were learning throwing and catching. Eric had some impressive long distance throws and catches with his partner. Lastly, during lunchtimes Eric along with a number of children enjoy playing a game called 'Champ'. Mr. Samuel along with other lunchtime staff outside have noticed how lovely Eric seems to play with no arguments and signs of great sportsmanship for such a young age.


Keep up the outstanding work Eric! ​

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