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Basketball Game

PE Challenge - Week 4 

Challenge number 1)

Throwing and Catching - One hand each!



  • Two (2) small balls or a rolled-up socks.


Practice Throwing and Catching 5 -10 times.

Practice throwing and catching WITH ONE (1) HAND!

Practice throwing and catching with claps

Practice throwing and catching while spinning



Get yourself two (2) balls or socks. 

One in your right hand and one in your left hand.

Throw one (1) ball or sock in the air and catch using the same hand (for example right hand first)

Then switch over to your other hand and do the same (for example left hand

If the ball/sock drops, pick it up and try again.

Give yourself a point for every catch you make.


Extra Challenge: Try Juggling!


Try every day and see if you can set a new high score by Friday.
Upload all videos on your Google Classroom and fill out the form here to submit your score.

Best of luck :)

Challenge number 2)

Throwing while sitting/kneeling




  • Three (3) empty baskets, buckets or treys. 

  • Five (5) soft small balls or rolled-up socks.

  • A space or kneel to sit.



Find a space to sit on the floor.



Place 3 empty baskets (treys or buckets) spaced out evenly in front of you. 

Using 5 balls or socks, throw them towards your baskets.


​Have a chance throwing 5 different times.

You can throw towards ANY basket; it does not have to be in order. 


If you throw inside the: 

1st basket you get     =   2 pts

2nd basket, you get   =   5 pts

3rd basket, you get    = 10 pts


(P.S The most points you can get is 50 points!!!) 


Upload all videos on Google Classroom and fill out the form here to submit your score.

Good luck!

Challenge number 3)

Jumping - Competition Time!


Try and challenge yourself and a family member to see who can win this fun jumping game!
(See video below)



  • Two (2) rolled up socks

  • Enough space. 

Find a space to stand.

Place the 1st sock next to your feet while standing still.

Hold the 2nd sock in your hand. 

Bend your knees, swing your arms back.

Then jump forward as far as you can.

Once you jump, try not to move once you land.

Now with the 2nd sock in your hand, place it next to your feet after you have jumped. 

Leave the 2nd sock on the floor and try and beat your first jump.


Try and play against a family member if you can and see who can get the most points.

First to 10 points Wins!


Upload all videos on Google Classroom and fill out the form here to submit your score.
Have fun boys and girls!

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