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Sports Personality of the Week 1

Week 1 Kardelen - Crimson class.JPG

Sports Personality of the Week 2

Week 3 Danisha- Grey Class.JPG


Week 3 

This week's Sports Personality of the week is ....Danisha (Grey)



Danisha has demonstrated great sporting qualities this past week. She has first of all signed herself up for netball club every Wednesday, where she is improving week after week. She is getting more and more confident in her swimming lessons showing signs of perseverance. In addition to all of that she has continued to be the model student in her PE lessons while showing good passing skills in her basketball lesson. Lastly, Coach Kevin also coached Danisha football for the majority of last year and had nothing but praise when talking about her wiliness and attitude to listen and learn. 


Great work Danisha, I know you'll keep it up.

Week 4 - Charles - Indigo Class.JPG


This week's Sports Personality of the week is ....Charles (Indigo)



Charles as always has been a model student. This past Tuesday Charles played for the school football team and manged to score an incredible 4 goals to seal our first 3 points of the season.

Charles was also named Captain for this season and he is already showing great leadership qualities which helped spare the boys to an incredible 5-2 win.

This is also Charles' second Sports Personality of the Week award too! 


Congratulations Charles lets keep it going!


This weeks Sports Personality of the week is …. Kuzey (Blue)

So far this year, Kuzey has demonstrated great listening skills and has been able to confidently answer many questions in his PE lesson.
As we get closer to the end of our first term; Year 2 have been working on improving their throwing and catching skills.
This past week, blue class have been working on their overhead throws & Mr. Samuel has been impressed has with Kuzey's overhead techniques while throwing beanbags as far as possible. Mr. Samuel is also looking forward to seeing how much he progresses throughout the rest of the year.


Great work Kuzey, lets keep it going!



This weeks Sports' Personality of the week is …. Salma (Orange)


Salma along with the rest of Key Stage 1 started their first week of gymnastics lessons during PE this week. Year 2 started working on different balances and Mr. Samuel was especially impressed with Salma's wiliness to listen, learn and answer any questions thrown at the class. Mr. Samuel was also impressed with her one legged star balance and her T - balance, which she was able to hold still for 5 seconds.


Great work Salma, looking forward to seeing how you progress in gymnastics in the weeks to come.

This week' Sports Personality of the Week is ...... Jasleen (Grey)


Jasleen has had quite the impressive sporting week. 

Firstly; on Tuesday, grey class have been continuing their swimming lessons and Jasleen showed great courage this week and was able to swim for a long period of time. 

On Wednesday, she had netball club and Mr. Samuel was very impressed with her passing skills only thing that stopped her showcasing her skills in a match was the rain unfortunately. 

Moving on to Thursday, Jasleen had both PE and the after school club. In her PE lesson, Jasleen and her class started tag rugby & Mr. Samuel was very impressed with her ability to no get tagged along with her passing skills. 

Lastly, Jasleen also came to the 'Year 5 & 6 World Cup Football Club' after school and made some great tackles helping her team win the tournament.


Quite the impressive sporting week for Jasleen, well done!​


This week's Sports Personality of the Week is ...... Daniella (Yellow)



Daniella had an tremendous PE lesson on Wednesday. This term Year 1 started their gymnastics lessons, and Daniella seems to be improving week by week. This past week, Year 1 have been travelling on benches using different body parts & Mr. Samuel was very impressed with Daniella's ability to travel using her stomach while sliding; along with her arms and legs while performing her crab walk. 


Can't wait to see how she progresses even further in the coming weeks. Well Done Daniella!


This week's Sports Personality of the week is ..... Amelia (Brown)


This has been a very very busy week for Amelia. Firstly on Mondays, Amelia attends year 3/4 multi skills club and this week the children were learning handball and dodgeball. Even though Amelia stated she never played handball before she was able to give it her very best go and score some impressive goals. 

Moving on to Tuesday, Amelia is also apart of our gymnastics team who took part in the annual gymnastic festival over at Southbury Leisure Centre; Amelia was able to showcase and perfectly execute her amazing routine which wowed all the judges. Moving on to Wednesday, Amelia had an impressive PE lesson. This term Year 4 have been doing football and Amelia has been showing signs of great dribbling and passing in her lessons. Lastly, Amelia is also doing netball lessons after school on a Wednesday, Mr. Samuel was again wowed by her passing skills when she was made centre. 

That's 5 different sports all in one week: Handball, dodgeball, gymnastics, football & netball.


Amelia should be very proud of her amazing work this week! Excellent work!


This week's Sports Personality of the Week is ....... Deniz (Year 3 - Pink)


Deniz had a quality gymnastics lesson on Wednesday. 

He was able to use different creative travelling techniques on the benches.

Remembered his landing techniques while jumping off the apparatus and onto the mat. 

Along with the rest of his class, he was able to show real bravery while using the climbing frame.


Very impressive Deniz, great job


This week's Sports Personality of the week is ... Abdurahman (Lilac)


Abdurahman this week showed great quality in his PE lessons. Lilac class have worked ever so hard this term by doing basketball; showcasing dribbling, passing & shooting throughout the last few weeks. Mr. Samuel has been super impressed with Abdurahman basketball development and IQ. This week Lilac class were put to the test and participated in their very own class tournament & Abdurahman made a superb backwards pass which got him an assist before Kuzey made the shot. Abdurahman is also one of the active leaders in our school, his willingness to help tidy up PE equipments doesn't go unnoticed too.


Great work Abdurahman​, let's keep it going!


This week SPOW is .........Berat Tengiz (Indigo)


When it comes to breaktime and lunchtimes you will always see Berat Tengiz playing football in playground B. This week Berat Tengiz along with the rest of Indigo class started doing football for this term. Even in Week 1, Mr. Samuel was impressed with Berat's dribbling and passing techquies throughout the lesson. Mr. Samuel is also looking forward to seeing how well he continues to develop and how he can showcase his dribbling and passing skills in a game. No pressure for next week Berat, but Mr. Samuel expects to see some great goals in your next lesson because you and your class will be doing some shooting.   


Keep up the excellent work Berat!


This week Sports Personality of the Week is ..... Amina (Pink)


Amina has had a great sporting week. On Monday, Pink class were taught how to carefully lift and carry gymnastic equipments in and around the hall. Mr. Samuel was very impressed with her listening skills and her ability to stay safe throughout the lesson. Amina then brought her great listening skills over to dodgeball club and again, Mr. Samuel was very impressed with her listening skills while learning a new sport. Amina was one of the many stars this week who impressed early on, she was able to avoid being hit along with throwing the ball and hitting many others with the dodgeballs.


Great work Amina, well done!


This week's Sports Personality of the week is …Gillian (Purple)

Gillian has had quite the sporting week this past few days. Clubs have restarted this week for Spring 2 and Gillian has signed up to quite a few clubs. On Mondays, basketball club for year 3 & 4 was up and running & Mr. Samuel was very impressed with her dribbling and shooting skills. Moving on to Wednesday, Purple class started doing Tennis in their PE lessons, Gillian stated she wasn't too confident when it came to Tennis, but she has shown great signs of resilience to keep trying to improve. Gillian has also signed herself up for girls football which also started Wednesday, she showed great signs of dribbling and even managed to score the winning goal in a little friendly football match. Lastly, on Thursday; Gillian also attends Dance club and Miss Lawrence has also stated Gillian has been spectacular leading up to their Dance Festival which she will be performing at Millfield Theatre this coming month.    

Great work Gillian, lets keep it going!!​

This week's Sports Personality of the week is ..... Eric (Orange)



Eric has had a great engaging sporting week. On Monday, Eric along with Orange class continued with their gymnastics lessons but this week Year 2 were learning different ways of rolling using their body. Mr. Samuel was very impressed with all of Eric's rolls and his ability to work safely with his partner. Eric has also signed up for Key stage 1 multi skills club & this past week the children were learning throwing and catching. Eric had some impressive long distance throws and catches with his partner. Lastly, during lunchtimes Eric along with a number of children enjoy playing a game called 'Champ'. Mr. Samuel along with other lunchtime staff outside have noticed how lovely Eric seems to play with no arguments and signs of great sportsmanship for such a young age.


Keep up the outstanding work Eric! ​

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