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Summer Term Week 11 – English Resouces

Summer Term Week 11 – Maths Resouces

Please click here for Year 6 Transition to Secondary School Book

Please click here for BLM Understand Our Differences

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Please click here for Keeping Safe online; Click here for an Activity sheet

Please click here for physical health planning format; Click here for Upper key stage 2 physical health

Please click here for Lesson Plan – Upper KS2 Hope

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Hope Upper KS2

Rainbow template




Time and PSHE resources
Covid 19 and our new lives resources
Doodle your worries away worksheet
Dealing with loss
Worries and anxieties
Separation Anxiety lesson


Please click here for ‘Our Lives and Covid 19’

Please click here for Embrace-our-differences

Please click here for information about What is racism?

SATs revision homework

Sats survival year-6 parents reading practice and revision activity pack

Fiction – The Snow Queen

Non-Fiction – Rosa Parks

Parents Information

Poetry – The Tyger

Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Non-Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Poetry Reading Revision Mat


Practice more revision 6043


Reading Revision Mat Guidance

SATs English Reading booklet 2018

SATSs survival year 6 reading 3 revision activity mat pack.
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SATS-survival year 6 parents maths reasoning practice and revision activity booklet. Please Click here to download

Year Six Weekly home Work 07/11/2019

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KS2 SATs Past Papers

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