Fleecefield Prospectus&Website Images-9.

Fleecefield Prospectus&Website Images-9.

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Fleecefield Prospectus&Website Images-79

Dear Families,

Fleecefield is a happy school, where each child feels secure, cared for and has a sense of belonging. At Fleecefield, we firmly believe in “Children First” and this drives our decision making and together with children, staff and families we aspire to achieve endless possibilities.

We have three core values: Respect, Responsibility and Resilience, which underpin everything that we do, so that our children grow into successful and fulfilled young people equipped for life in modern Britain.

Ours is an inclusive school that ensures all children access an education which motivates, challenges and fosters a passion for learning. We take pride in our richly diverse community and value each child as an individual. We  promote positive relationships and learn that kindness can be empowering.

We firmly believe that your child’s learning experience is built on partnerships between home and school therefore we value your contribution and always keep you informed of your child’s progress and achievements at school. You are always welcome into school and we plan formal and informal opportunities for you to find out about life at Fleecefield.

We look forward to working with you and celebrating the achievements of your child with you, as they move through the school.

Yours sincerely

Ms A Goldwater


White Gradient

Monday 4th January, the school is currently closed to all children, except for Nursery, vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. 

Fleecefield are celebrating Children's Mental Health Week 1-7th February and acknowledging that we all need time out to look after our own well-being in these challenging times. We have created a Virtual Well-being Lounge for your children. Please click here to access Virtual Well-being Lounge.


How it works:-  Just click on any image or words and it will take you to a link.  The link could be a song, story, activity, video or website to help you improve your own well-being.  ENJOY and take time to look after yourself this week.  YOU DESERVE IT. 





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