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Celebrating Achievement

Achievement Badge Assembly

At Fleecefield we are determined that our children will develop the skills and attitudes required in the world beyond the classroom so that they can face the challenges of their future lives with confidence. We believe that praise is key to developing children’s self-esteem and confidence and this is reflected in all that we do in school. 

The main reward system in the school is laid out in our Behaviour Policy and consists of the children attaining badges of different colours during the year. The children collect stickers throughout the school day, linked to our school values and based on their attitude towards their learning and towards those around them.

For every 18 stickers they attain, a badge is presented in assembly. Children can receive several different colour badges (purple, silver, gold, ruby) during the year, culminating with a very few children receiving the Headteacher’s Award and then the Governors’ Award, presented by one of our Governors at a special assembly at the end of the year.


Sports Personality of the Week

The "Sports Personality of the Week" is a special award designed to celebrate children who have shown outstanding sportsmanship, dedication, and enthusiasm in their PE lesson or extracurricular sports activities.

Each week, our PE Coach will choose someone to be the recipient of this award, highlighting their exceptional effort, teamwork, and positive attitude in sport.  The award is presented to them by one of our Active Leaders in Friday's assembly and all recipients are displayed on a special board in the school as well as getting a special mention in the Headteacher's Weekly Newsletter to families. 

This recognition not only boosts the children's confidence but is also inspirational for the other children, encouraging everyone to enjoy sports and embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

Year 6 Leavers' Assembly

At the end of their time at Fleecefield Primary School it is important that we celebrate our pupils’ whole time here, their achievements and the friendships they have made.

Our year 6 Leavers' Assembly is a very special event where we celebrate in song, poem, and awards. Many parents attend and really value this final event for their children.

In July, we celebrated the end of our Year 6’s journey here at Fleecefield with a wonderful performance by the children, filled with song and dance and showcasing their endless talents. Children were all presented with a certificate, each with a personalised tribute to their educational journey written by their teachers.  It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the children’s time at our school, the relationships they made and their fantastic achievements. Well done Year 6 of 2022-23, we will miss you all and wish you every success for the future.

Reading Champions

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Starbadge Assembly

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Attendance Awards

It is very important that children attend school everyday to make the progress in their learning which they are capable of.

All the research tells us that children with high attendance figures from a very young age achieve better at GCSEs than those who have low attendance figures. A child’s attitude to learning and to school is set whilst they are young and they need to recognise how important it is to attend school every day throughout primary school. It is the responsibility of the parents and the school to teach them this.

We celebrate children’s good attendance and punctuality in our assemblies each week. Classes receive certificates if they achieve over 96% that week. These are displayed within the school so that children can see the classes who have achieved their certifcate.

In addition, children receive individual recognition for good attendance each term. For those children who have an attendance figure of 100% for the whole year, a special special prize is presented to them to acknowledge this achievement.