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At Fleecefield, we aim to equip children with the appropriate digital and computational skills which will enable them to make appropriate use of technology for a range of purposes. Through engaging, well resourced and interactive lessons, our children learn to express themselves in a creative, productive and safe way, so that they can be competent participants in the digital world.

Our curriculum is based on the National curriculum and has a clear progression path from Year 1 through Year 6. We offer discrete, weekly computing lessons in which the children are taught through topics that build on prior knowledge. Children have access to a range of digital devices and platforms with which they learn the fundamental concepts in computing and have the opportunity to apply these skills in a variety of goal oriented tasks.

Our Year plans have been developed to ensure coverage of the 3 computing strands across all year groups. The topics are then broken down into half-termly plans which include the composite knowledge and its component parts. Similar to other curriculum areas, there is a clear focus  on key knowledge, skills and vocabulary.

3 strands of computing in our curriculum:

Digital Literacy- children learn how to be safe users of digital technology through planned e-safety lessons; children learn how to use technology to create a range of digital content by working collaboratively

Computing systems, Networks and the WWW- children learn about how computers are connected and what makes up the internet

Computer Science- children learn to use computational skills by following processes of abstraction, algorithm, decomposition and pattern recognition in order to solve problems. They are taught how to program computers by coding in order to achieve a goal.

The computing curriculum is delivered by following a range of positive approaches that can be applied cross curricularly such as tinkering, debugging, evaluating, persevering and collaborating.


Our youngest learners have opportunities to engage with simple computing concepts through their continuous provision. For instance, they have access to resources such as simple robots that support their development of key skills such as directional language which becomes a building block for programming in Year 1. Adults have access to devices which can be used for adult led group activities which support their skills as needed.

Digital learning at Fleecefield

As a school, we put a clear emphasis on equipping children with digital skills that are essential to life in the 21st century.

We have a range of devices such as iPads and Chromebooks, which are available to support the teaching and learning across all areas of the curriculum.

At Fleecefield, make full use of the Google classroom platform as an extension of our physical classroom (EYFS to Year 6). In this digital environment, children have access to materials that support their learning and harness the power of home learning with opportunities for collaboration, communication, flipped and project led learning.

To view our Computing Curriculum overview and our Online Safety map, please click below: