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Some form of musical communication is a part of every known culture on earth – it is part of what makes us human. Emotions, intentions and meanings can be expressed through music. This is why we believe that music teaching is central to our life at Fleecefield.


Music as a school subject is creative, social, physical and academic. It can provide children with a skill for life, whether in employment directly in the music industry or, more likely, in their leisure time. It promotes teamwork, self-confidence and a sense of achievement.


At Fleecefield, we have a specialist non-class based teacher who leads music and delivers weekly lessons across the whole school from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6. Our curriculum provides progression in the musical skills outlined in the National Curriculum by using the key musical concepts: performing and creating music using voices and musical instruments; listening to, reviewing and evaluating a range of music from different times and places (including music history); learning musical terminology and musical notation.


The curriculum has been developed from the following objectives: 

  • For children to develop a love of music and learn why music is important 

  • To become familiar with the names and sounds of all basic percussion instruments as well  as other musical terms 

  • To sing and use their voices on their own and with others 

  • For children to develop their creative thinking skills and improve their motor skills

  •  To encourage children to become active listeners 

  • To demonstrate that there are rewards from dedication and practice

  • To encourage children to learn about the music of other cultures and to listen with  discernment to the best of a range of musical genre 

  • To develop confidence and listening skills 

  • For children to explore emotions through music, helping them develop their ‘emotional  literacy’ 

  • To raise attainment in and enthusiasm for music lessons 

  • To make children aware of the importance of teamwork when making music 

  • To make music fun! 

We provide additional enrichment opportunities through a range of music clubs such as Djembe drumming, choir, singing and music production.


The Enfield Music Service supports us by providing peripatetic teachers to teach instruments  to small groups of children and individuals. They also fund musical experiences to develop  children’s music capital.