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Online Safety

Online safety at Fleecefield

The internet can be a world of fun for children. A place where they can learn, explore and express their  creativity. However, this does not come without risks. At Fleecefield, we give our children the tools that they need to be able to use the internet in a productive, responsible and safe way.

Our curriculum

Click here to report an online safety incident to CEOP

Click here to view the Trust Online Safety Policy

We have a dedicated Online safety curriculum which covers 8 key areas of learning:

  • Self-Image and Identity

  • Online Relationships

  • Online Reputation

  • Online Bullying

  • Managing Online Information

  • Health, Well-being and Lifestyle

  • Privacy and Security

  • Copyright and Ownership

This curriculum is delivered weekly as an integral part of our computing lessons and ensures progression of skills and knowledge across all of the year groups. It also has clear links with other areas of our curriculum such as PSHE.

Please click here to see an example.

We encourage students to follow the SMART rules as a simple way to remember how to stay safe online: 

Digital Ambassadors 

Please read below a message from our Digital Ambassadors team:

We are a team of students dedicated to promoting internet safety  and the use of technology here at Fleecefield Primary School. We are trained to use technology effectively and provide support to both teachers and students in integrating technology into our school routines.

We meet regularly to undertake tasks such as:

  • Discuss current updates in the world of technology

  • Create surveys to find out about any concerns that our peers have about online safety

  • Support teachers with troubleshooting during computing lessons

  • Plan and deliver assemblies

  • Organise competitions

  • Run our lunchtime Coding club

We believe that our role as Digital Ambassadors is becoming increasingly important as technology continues to play a larger role in our education and wider life.


Support for parents and carers

We aim to provide parents and carers with information that will allow them to support children with their online concerns. Look out for top tips that are regularly shared on our weekly newsletter or via email.

Our Online Safety- Parent workshop is a great opportunity for you to receive in depth training that is specific for parents and carers.

If you have any concerns or questions throughout the year, please feel free to arrange a meeting with a member of our staff who will be happy to support you with issues such as: 

  • Reporting an online incident

  • Setting parental controls on your children’s devices

  • Ideas of how to manage screen time for children

  • Ideas on how to use the internet to support your child’s learning

Please click below for other useful links for parents and carers:

  • Parent Info - is a collaboration between Parent Zone and NCA-CEOP, providing support and guidance for parents from leading experts and organisations.

  • Kids Online World - A website that is full of information regarding popular apps, games & parental controls etc. A very good source of information with articles, podcasts and videos which explain what young people are doing online and the risks to be aware of.

  • Internet Matters - An excellent website which has lots of information for parents about how to keep children safe when they are using the internet. It includes information about different devices and how to add parental controls.

  • UK Safer internet Centre - Offers tips, advice, guides and resources to help keep children safe online.

  • Childnet - Top tips, games and internet safety information for children and Parents. We use the Kara and the Smart Crew videos to introduce the Smart Rules in Year 3. They have also created this leaflet for parents, which is available in a range of languages.

  • Think You Know - Has information for Children and Parents. We use a lot of these resources in our online safety lessons including the ‘Lee and Kim’ and ‘Jigsaw’ videos.

  • KidSmart - Resources for Parents and children about key topics.

  • NSPCC - Information to help keep children safe when they’re using the internet, social networks, apps, games and more.

  • Parent Zone - Parent Zone have partnered with Google to provide a range of resources to teach children about being safe online. We use the ‘Be Internet Legends’ resources in school. There are also Digital Drop-ins for parents to gain practical tips about Online safety.