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Proud to be a part of
Children First Academy Trust

We thrive and achieve together.

Student Leadership Teams

At Fleecefield, we highly value the positive contributions that children can bring to our school's vibrant life. We actively encourage our children to play an influential role in decision-making processes and empower them to influence the school community positively.

Our Fleecefield Student Leadership Teams consist of elected students who take on responsibilities for various aspects of our school's provision.

What are the advantages?

  1. Children's voices are not only heard but also taken into account.
  2. Collaborative efforts between adults and children drive school enhancements.
  3. Children develop leadership and organisational skills that will benefit them in the future.
  4. These teams foster a sense of ownership, pride, and self-esteem amongst the children.
  5. Children learn the essence of active citizenship and how to make constructive contributions to their community.

School Council

Active Leaders

Accordion content

Digital Ambassadors

Please read below a message from our Digital Ambassadors team:

We are a team of students dedicated to promoting Internet safety  and the use of technology here at Fleecefield Primary School. We are trained to use technology effectively and provide support to both teachers and students in integrating technology into our school routines.

We meet regularly to undertake tasks such as:

  • Discuss current updates in the world of technology

  • Create surveys to find out about any concerns that our peers have about online safety

  • Support teachers with troubleshooting during computing lessons

  • Plan and deliver assemblies

  • Organise competitions

  • Run our lunchtime Coding club

We believe that our role as Digital Ambassadors is becoming increasingly important as technology continues to play a larger role in our education and wider life.


Fleecefield Assistants

Role Responsibilities

Assembly Prep Team

Preparing hall for assembly and ensuring chairs and/or tables are set up.  Managing the doors.  This involves liaising with the staff member leading the assembly.  

Assembly Tech Team

Equipment Setup of audiovisual equipment such as microphones, visualiser, and speakers. Ensuring that everything is in working order before the assembly begins.

Providing technical support during the assembly to ensure that all equipment runs smoothly. This might involve troubleshooting any issues that arise during the assembly.

Effort Badge Assistants

Making and distributing effort badges.  Working closely with Ms Lafferty.

Office Assistants

Supporting office staff in daily tasks such as delivering mail, messages, shredding.  Working closely with the Office Team.

Fruit Helpers

Distributing fruit to EYFS and KS1.  

Dinner Hall Helpers

Supporting in the dining hall, helping with the salad bar, drinks and encouraging EYFS/KS1 with their lunch.  

Mobile Library Monitors

Ensuring the book trolleys are tidy and looking after the maintenance of books.  Carrying out regular book amnesties.  

Reading Buddies

Year 6 buddy with EYFS/KS1 and read.  

Playground Pals

Supporting children in playing games and looking out for children who are playing alone.

Resources Team

Supporting Mrs Fletcher in managing and distributing resources.

Rights Respecting Ambassadors

Giving updates on UNICEF rights to each year group fortnightly.  Working closely with Miss Lewis.

Recycling Managers

Collecting recycling from around the school. 

Collecting pens from each class as part of Ryman’s pen recycling project.  

Working closely with Miss Lewis.

Social Media Content Specialists

Capturing important moments and everyday events and creating content for our Social Media platforms. Working closely with Miss Mourat and Mrs Valentim.