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Proud to be a part of
Children First Academy Trust

We thrive and achieve together.

Vision & Values

An Ambitious, Secure and Inclusive Learning Community.

Our Aims

At Fleecefield Primary School we aim to:

  • Enable all children to develop a range of communication and social skills so they can work collaboratively and form positive relationships
  • Ensure that every child develops and acquires the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to realise their academic potential by providing appropriate
  • support and challenge
  • Empower our children to become independent life-long learners through delivering an inspiring curriculum
  • Encourage our children to become responsible global citizens by providing them with experiences of the world around them, enabling them to develop the values that contribute positively to society

Our Vision

Fleecefield is an ambitious, secure and inclusive learning community, where everyone has high expectations of each other and is expected to develop to their full potential. Through strong partnerships and a passion for life-long learning, we successfully grow together to be valuable contributors to our diverse community and to a global society.

Our Values

Respect – Resilience - Responsibility

At Fleecefield, we hold three core values close to our hearts: Respect, Resilience, and Responsibility.

These values are the building blocks of character that we believe every child should possess.  These values not only shape our children during their time at Fleecefield, but also prepare them for a future where they can make a positive impact on the world.